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​ 5 Things you’re Ready to Throw Away that can Become Planters

Brent Lunde - Friday, August 19, 2016

Obviously, we’re big believers in the power of paint in granting things new life. With that in mind, what you call garbage might simply be in the first developmental stage of its domestic life in your home. Your discarded items are just a few brush strokes away from becoming domestic homes themselves to some of the most important accoutrements in the household. Plants provide us with oxygen to breath, shade to sit in, and food to eat. Give your plants more places to soak up the sun and water they need by transforming these every items into unique planters:


Tea/Coffee Cans:

That’s right, the same container that holds your sacred magic morning beverage can become a perfect place to keep your plants. Just lose the lid, give the can a new paint job of your own design, and give it a home somewhere that gets plenty of sun. Large or small aluminum and tin cans that are used to hold coffee and tea are the perfect size for a small plant or little bushel of herbs.

The first two items on this list are pretty self-explanatory, but are also good ideas for dealing with items that fill landfills across the country. If you go through a lot of coffee, think about establishing a color scheme to play off of when you paint your first “coffee planter.”


Tea Kettles:

Caffeinated concoctions don’t end their second-generation usefulness with disposable cans… if you want a more upscale-looking DIY planter, look to your old tea kettles. Is it rusted? Dented in the sides? Broken in any way? The dilapidated look makes for an authentic-looking “antique” novelty item. In this case, Blemishes can be beautiful, making these DIY planters some of the easiest in this list.

Not feeling the scarred furniture thing? Your best friend just became a bucket of paint. Color-coordinate your kettle with other items in the room you most want to botanize into turn your Ikea tea kettle into a chic homemade planter.



Colanders: Not just for Pastafarians anymore. If you enjoy finding alternative uses for pasta-straining equipment, but don’t want to wear that equipment on your head, this is the idea for you. Flex your green thumb and make use of your old kitchen equipment by using some paint and coffee filters to turn a colander into a hanging planter that looks like it could have come from the local home goods boutique.



These are a great look for the yard or garden, and if you live here in the Portland-Vancouver area, you’ve probably seen these upcycled items around the neighborhood. It probably seems as easy as packing a tire with dirt, planting some seeds, and letting Mother Nature’s process go to work with your nourishment and protection to guide it.

Well, it doesn’t have to be much more of a process than that, but for an effective planter, there are definitely some tricks to make that old tire an ideal herbal habitat. Once you’ve done those things, a coat of paint will turn your old wheel into a simultaneously down-to-earth and exciting upcycled item.


Mud Boots:

If you’ve got kids and you live in the Pacific Northwest, there’s a good chance that you have a multi-sized collection of rubber mud boots in your garage or attic. As always with these closed-base flower pot ideas, a few holes for drainage will be needed, but then line up your kids’ old brightly-colored rain boots by the garden or in the yard for a row of unique planting beds.

If you think the boots are a bit too dull for a garden setting, it’s pretty easy to give them a new face. The secret? You guessed it… paint.


Notice a running theme with each of these ideas? Like so many areas of your home, household items can have new life breathed into them with the help of a little bit of paint.


If you want to see a room in your home or your house itself transformed as easily as any of these DIY projects, contact Pro Paint NW to get a hassle-free quote and schedule your next home painting service. We guarantee fast, efficient work, and we can help guide you in your selection of colors for your home. We look forward to working for you!


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