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6 Affordable Ideas for Interior Home Improvement

Brent Lunde - Friday, June 24, 2016

Finding the balance between form and function in your home can be a real challenge. There's endless advice out there about home improvement ideas… so much so that it can be dizzying just to figure out where to start. Additionally, a lot of that advice comes with a pretty steep price tag, while not everybody has the money to invest in time-consuming projects that often require some expertise.


But you don’t have to break the bank or quit your day jobto make your home more functional! In fact, there are countless cost-effective ways to create a more practical (and even more stylish) home décor.

Here are six things you can do in your spare time to save space, save money, and even save face in front of your guests by redecorating your home’s interior.


  • Hook a house up:

Too much storage space is often wasted on items that can be hung up and can even add a decorative quality to your home. Coats, keys, and plenty of kitchen accessories are already designed to easily hang from wall-mounted hooks that are sold in a variety of styles. There are plastic, adhesive hooks that cost as little as a few dollars and can be found in clear plastic or off-white to blend with most walls. Or, spend a few bucks extra and get sturdier and more stylish hooks that your frying pans can hang from above the stove for that popular industrial look.


  • Turn doorways into displays (and storage):

Have you run out of room for a nice china cabinet or a place to store your favorite decorations? Most people don’t realize that doorways and archways can be instantly turned into some of the nicest display locations in your home simply by installing a single shelf above the trim. Match the shelf’s color to the trim of the door frame to make it seem like the shelf belonged there from the beginning!


  • Transform your closet into an office:

This is a particularly great piece of advice because it serves the dual function of creating a more productive space while also allowing you a chance to sort through the items that are ready for donation. Once you’ve got your wall hooks up, you can clear out your closet, install a large, low-resting shelf, and add a chair to turn storage into an enclosable workspace.


  • Turn the lights down low:

Installing dimmer switches in the dining room or bedroom not only gives you a chance to save money, but you can really set the mood for a romantic night in or an upscale dinner party with a quick installation. Don’t worry, it’s easier than you might think.


  • Give your sink a skirt:

Pedestal sinks are very popular in homes that have historic value or new homes that strive for a vintage look. The free-standing sinks are undeniably attractive in any modern or retro bathroom, but many people will miss having the storage space that is often found underneath the basin of the bathroom sink. Wrapping a full-length skirt around a pedestal sink can turn the space underneath into instant storage for cleaning supplies or a garbage can, and the right style makes for a very decorative addition.


  • Insulate your mail:

If you have a swinging mail slot on your front door, you might not realize how much air and noise bleeds through it. Replacing your mail slot with one that has brushes inside of it for insulation can make a big difference to the amount of cold air or street noise that invades your home.


And remember, there’s one piece of advice that you can always rely on to improve and upgrade your home’s décor, indoors and out. A fresh coat of paint, no matter where it’s applied, can do wonders to spruce up an area's aesthetic and can even make a room or wall seem that much bigger. But, painting is a little bit more time consuming than any of the suggestions we’ve made here, so sometimes it’s best to leave that task to the professionals. At Pro Paint NW, we can handle any interior or exterior paint job you need done and be in and out before you know it. Contact us today for an easy, no-hassle quote!

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