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Advice for Surviving Halloween

Brent Lunde - Thursday, October 20, 2016

During this time of year, everybody's home is on display. As fall colors overtake the trees around us, our homes become resting points for wandering eyes attempting to take it all in.


If you have a family, this time of year can also be a little bit overwhelming... especially Halloween. While dressing up and taking the kids out to meet and greet the neighbors for gathering sugar-filled treats is a fun tradition, it's also stressful for many parents.


If you want to get through October without judgment from your neighbors and with minimal headache, we've got guidance for you. Consider these things as you plan for the coming weeks:


Dare to Decorate:

This one should be a no-brainer! Everybody likes to see innovative holiday decorations, and it’s a great way to display your personality to your friends, family, and neighbors. The traditional front step decoration for Halloween is the stylish Jack-O-Lantern. Plump pumpkins light up with devilish intensity when carved with a wicked design and illuminated from the inside with a lit candle. But, we'll talk more about what to do with produce from the pumpkin patch in a minute.


The fall season is a brightly-colored period of change that provides endless inspiration and canvassing for unique decorative ideas. Turn up the charm to your home with rustic front door designs or by painting your front porch with an autumn-themed red or orange color to match the changing leaves around us.


Speaking of leaves, did you know that they make for great decorations this time of year? Take a look at our latest blog to find out how you can use the fall foliage for fabulous interior and exterior designs!


Don’t Put Out Pumpkins:

Because many of us have grown up with this tradition, it’s sad to say but sometimes decorations just aren’t worth the risk. Designing and carving pumpkins as a family can be a good time for everybody, and there’s nothing quite like seeing a lit candle inside of a skillfully crafted pumpkin. But when you have to clean up the mess from an incidentally or intentionally destroyed jack-o-lantern, it’s suddenly not so much fun.


Instead, keep the pumpkins displayed somewhere safe, either in the backyard or somewhere out of reach of the public. Of course, if you don’t have suspicious teenagers waiting to cause mischief around Halloween, you don’t have much to worry about.


That's why it's important to know your neighbors! As a community business we always support neighbors getting to know one another so that community members can lean on and support each other.


Stock Up on Sweets:

If you really want to be a good neighbor and make the kids next door happy, make sure you're stocked up on plenty of sweets for those eager trick-or-treaters. Nobody likes to be tricked, so treat the costumed kids in your area right by rewarding their efforts with something sweet to eat!


Now, that doesn't mean you have to do anything unconscionable. If you feel bad about handing out candy and other sugar-laden indulgences to children, there are plenty of healthier alternatives you can fill your bowl with. Taking pleasure in the little things doesn't have to be bad for you!


At Pro Paint NW, we take pride in being a small business owned and operated by your neighbors. When you need a room painted or a new look for your entire home, we hope that you'll think to come to us for professional, reliable service. For the time being, we hope we see you at Halloween for some spooky neighborhood fun!


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