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Home Winterization Advice

Brent Lunde - Thursday, November 03, 2016

If you’re interested in setting your home up for maximum efficiency and comfort throughout the winter, now is the time to start thinking about it and planning ahead. It’s easy enough to make sure that your home is ready for winter, but it’s a lot less ideal to start working on this endeavor after the cold weather has already set in.


If you are willing to put some time aside right now, and even a little bit of money, there are some crucial moves you can make to yield different results. Mostly, people who are looking to take action around the home during this time of year are looking to do two things: They want to make the most out of their various sources of heat, and they want to save money on their heating bill.


It’s easy enough to do both of these things, and there are varying levels to which you must commit in order to see results. Winterizing your home might seem like a daunting endeavor, but if you follow these three tips, you’ll be good to go:


Inspect and update windows as needed

On a colder day, go and place a hand over your window. Feel a slight draft or drop of temperature as your hand nears the glass? You’d be shocked to find out how much this leakage can cost you per month, both in terms of financial loss and loss of degrees.


Over the last decade, windows have improved exponentially in terms of their insulation capacity, so if you live in a newer or recently upgraded home, this might not be a concern for you. But if your home and/or windows are older, you might be sacrificing a lot of warmth and fuel by not giving your windows some attention this fall.


One way to improve upon your windows is to go out and buy some thin, insulating window film. This is an easy-to-apply solution that won’t cost much and won’t require more than a few hours of your time, at the most. Even applying the film over select windows that cause more of a problem can make a difference.


If you’re looking to spend a little more money to decorate your windows with a bit of elegance, there are some effective and decorative insulating curtains out there to replace your more delicate summer ones.


Give your home an energy audit

Professional energy audit services can help reveal massive temperature leaks and other home inadequacies. They can provide simple solutions as a suggestion to homeowners, or they can apply special equipment like infrared cameras to get a full visual of your home’s heating and energy situation.


Though the audits can seem like an avoidable cost, they can save you quite a bit of money in the long run if your home has any gaping needs in terms of heating and/or energy consumption.


If you see the need but really can’t convince yourself to hire one of the professional services, there are cheap ways to perform your own home energy audit with household items. You’ll have to come up with your own solutions, and the findings won’t be nearly as accurate as if you go with the pros.


Insulate Professionally

If you live in an older home, when it comes down to it, sometimes you’re just going to need to upgrade your insulation. This can be true for new homes as well, but old, drafty homes typically have the most dire need for cost-cutting professional insulation services.


There are all kinds of home insulation options, with some involving more invasive processes than others. Again, this might be a situation where homeowners are looking at a little bit of an initial investment, but long-term savings in a big way.


However, homes don’t just need to function and shelter effectively… they’ve got to look good while doing it! A living room shouldn’t just be a warm place for guests to kick their feet up, it should be a place that feels warm and inviting the more you look at it.


Making a house into a home starts with making it safe, warm, and comfortable for the individuals or family that will reside in it. But a house isn’t a home until it’s got heart, and that comes from infusing it with the personal style that best compliments the home’s inhabitants.


We love to help our neighbors here in the Pacific Northwest with this process. Whether we’re looking at the interior or exterior of a home, what we see is a canvas waiting to be invigorated with life to suit a hospitable environment.


Once you’re done getting your home nice and warm for winter, take it all in and contact us if you’re ready to revitalize where you live.


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