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​ Homeowner’s Mantra for the New Year

Brent Lunde - Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Being a homeowner or maintaining responsibility for a commercial property is like having a second body to worry about. Just as you might make New Year’s resolutions around your health, career, or personal life in order to improve upon yourself and your own practices, the same can be done for your home or the building that you own or manage.


One of the big differences between a property and the body, however, is that the home or an office can be much more easily modified. You’ll often hear people warn you not to make resolutions that are too broad or high-reaching, because while goal-setting can be a great way to stay motivated, goals that can’t be reached or are easily forgotten about will leave you feeling deflated.


Your body has certain limitations on it. If your resolutions involve losing weight, working harder, or making more time for family, you’re going to want to remember to moderate your goals so that you can accomplish them, while still pushing yourself ahead. You can’t overhaul who you are or any major aspects of your life overnight, so take baby steps.


When it comes to your home, however, the baby steps are bound to be much larger. Offices, as wellas either type of property, can provide countless hours of shelter to employees, groups, or families. People collect cargo over the years, they cause incidental damage, and they have a hard time resisting the natural wear and tear that comes from Mother Nature.


Still, if you embrace the new year with some gusto and enthusiasm, you can take action to make your home ready for another 12 months of domestic bliss, or your commercial property can be prepared to keep doing its job so those inside can as well.


Here’s how you tackle each new year with your home in mind, without getting overwhelmed:



Let your stuff bite the dust:

It’s time to start letting go of the items in your home or business space that are just collecting dust. Don’t feel bad for letting it happen, as it happens to the best of us, but don’t let your lack of guilt turn into lack of motivation to do anything differently.


Purging is so important to any space that has a steady flow of people working and/or living in it. Go through your attic, your basement, your closets, or your garage, and find items to donate or throw away.



Examine the rubble:

Once you’ve laid waste to your home’s inevitable clutter, take stock of what is left over. Surely, if you’ve been thorough about removing the loitering items, you’ll find that there is all kinds of space created to make use of, so grab the stuff that’s left and take advantage with a little redecorating!


You’d be amazed at what a difference it makes to consolidate your closets, redesign a living space, or even just shift some furniture around slightly.



Rebuild… better, stronger, longer:

Once you’ve eliminated wasted space and played with redecoration, get serious about your home with any odd-jobs or maintenance items you’d been putting on the back burner. Been meaning to fix that leaky faucet? Just do it. Light bulbs burned out months ago? Re-illuminate with a fresh one today. Paint is looking dull or outdated? That’s easier to fix than you might think.



We take a lot of pride in being able to offer home care and maintenance advice, especially when it comes to paint and color, either internally or on a building’s exterior. So whether your business is looking to stand out in the neighborhood with a bold new color for your brick-and-mortar, or your home is in need of some touching up around the interior, contact us for help getting your next paint job done efficiently and fast.


Happy New Year and here’s to a brighter palette than ever!



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