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​ How to Bring the Light In: Building a Brighter Home

Brent Lunde - Thursday, September 15, 2016

As we move into the fall season, one thing that’s surely on everybody’s mind is having enough light. Summertime gives us a few months of solar soaking to enjoy, so it can be something of a shock to the system as we begin to spend more time indoors throughout the colder seasons.

But being inside doesn’t have to mean being cut off from the light! Here are some tips for setting up your home in such a way that will maximize the home’s use of artificial as well as natural light sources:


Take advantage of sunlight by using…


  1. Lighter curtains: It can be tempting to set your windows up with thick, thermal insulating curtains as winter approaches. And while you’ll certainly feel less cold air coming in through the windows with these draped over them, you’ll also be blocking out a lot of natural light. If your windows are fairly well insulated (and most modern windows are), consider using brightlycolored curtains that match the fall season, or try sheer white, lacy curtains to keep the rays shining through.
  1. More Metal and mirrors: Silver faucets and handles, stainless steel countertops, and large mirrors can do wonders with a little bit of sunlight. These reflective sources juggle ultra-violet rays like a clown at the carnival, and the right placement of shiny things can have light dancing around your walls throughout the day.
  1. Open doorways: Light wants to travel throughout your home once it enters through the windows and skylights. Certain rooms in your home might be better set up to receive light from the outside than others, but the good news is that rooms can share. Think about taking down unnecessary doors that might blockade the light from one room from entering another. Don’t want to lose the doors entirely? Try replacing them with glass French doors to keep the noise out and the sunlight in.

Make the most out of your electric bill with…

  1. Hidden rope or Christmas lights: Lining the bottoms of your knee-high cabinets with rope lights or Christmas lights will illuminate the floor and provide your kitchen with a warm, bohemian atmosphere. These lights can easily be tucked away at ankle-level, making it seem as though the light is just pouring from your furnishings and lighting the room from bottom up.
  1. Overhead lights: A few well-placed canister or pod lights can be positioned to cover just about every corner of a room with much-needed illumination. Many installable overhead lights can be set up to be adjustable, making it so that wherever you need light to shine, you can make it happen.
  1. Combined floor and dimmer lights: It might seem counter-intuitive to include dimmer lights in a list of items to help increase the light in your house, but sometimes it’s not about more light so much as properly utilized light. Carefullyplaced floor lights can work in conjunction with dimmer lights to really take full advantage of how light moves around the room.

Looking for a tip that improves the presence of natural and artificial light in your home? It’s all about color. The interior paint scheme of your home has a lot to do with how light is received by the eyes. Some rooms beg for brightlycolored walls to bolster the presence of natural sunlight. Sometimes darker earth tones can actually make the light in a room seem brighter. If you want your home to have a choice color scheme this winter, contact Pro Paint NW today to find out how we can give you a brighter home!


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