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Three Facts About Paint that You Probably Didn’t Know

Brent Lunde - Tuesday, January 17, 2017

People have been using paint for centuries: To decorate, create art, and to tell stories through graphic narrative. A seemingly simple product that can manifest itself in countless forms and colors, the pigmented liquids we use to cover a canvas in a new facade have sure evolved over the many years they have been put to use.


There are still buildings in America that need to come with lead paint warning for tenants/owners, and most people are aware of that fact. Manydomestic homeowners and commercial property managers have experience examining swatches and attempting to mix colors, but with such a long history, there are definitely things you might not be aware of about paint -- especially with innovations and information more readily available to the public than ever.

Here are a few facts about paint that you may never have known had you not visited this blog today:


Picasso Created His Masterpieces with House Paint:

That’s right, one of the most highly regarded artists of all time, a man whose color palettes are renowned in art books and communities alike, created those color schemes with everyday house paint. The master of cubism achieved his signature style of bold, often bizarrely oriented portraits, by making use of some basic materials. When compared with modern, everyday house paint, Picasso’s paintings shared some significant similar qualities.


It Can Help Save the Planet:

Remember those innovations we talked about? Well, we weren’t kidding. There was a time when a lot of house paint was borderline toxic, and oh how far we've come. Not only is most consumer paint fairly safe to handle and be exposed to, but some of the paint out there can actually help preserve the life of the planet in the face of global warming.


Not only can new paint help generate electricity by harnessing solar energy, but there are even folks out there willing to collect and disseminate paint to those who need it, without adding to the waste resulting from unused and discarded paints.


It Can Be Used for a Good Deed:

We’re not talking about painting a picture of your loved one as an homage to their beauty, though Valentine’s Day is right around the corner.


No, we really just wanted to point out that painting may not be for everybody, but it's pretty easy to use if you feel intent on doing something nice for somebody. Take, for example, this guy who offered to paint a neighbor’s house, just because he overheard someone saying it was needed. He got paint donated and went to work just to do something kind.


Now, your amateur hands may not be eager to tackle a wall with a brush, but that doesn’t pull paint off the table as an option. A small splash of paint here, or a redecorated cabinet there, can do a lot to liven up a section of a person’s home, and this is a much smaller endeavor to take on than painting an entire house.


Still, sometimes these things are best left to the professionals, and that’s where we come in.


We may not be able to offer much help in analyzing famous works of art, or creating planet-saving paint products, but we can certainly help with nice things. Whether you want to renovate a part of your space, or just add some new color to your kitchen cabinets to surprise your family, we can help. Just contact us today.



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