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‘Tis the Season: Safety Tips for Holiday Decorations

Brent Lunde - Thursday, December 01, 2016

Don't let your enthusiasm for the holiday season cause you to make costly and potentially dangerous mistakes. While all the lights, tinsel, and roasting chestnuts can bring a smile to a child's face, these decorative items also bring with them a certain degree of risk.


As one of the top décor professionals in the Clark County area, we want to make sure that each and every one of our neighbors is able to make their home look the way they want it to look, without having to take unnecessary risks or cause dangerous accidents.


Here is some advice for decorating safely this holiday season:



  1. Consider cutting out the power.

As much as we know that you love to see your home all lit up like the 4th of July on the 25th of December, it's important to note that Christmas lights and other powered decorations have a higher degree of risk to them.



Sure, there are plenty of resources out there to help guide you through the process of rigging up your lights without worry, but who says your festive spirit needs to be put on display in such a way? Most illuminated decorations draw power from the grid, adding to your energy bill and not doing anything to lessen the environmental impact of the "most wonderful time of the year."



Try oversized, holiday-themed decorations, an outdoor tree, or other outdoor-inspired decoration ideas for a low-risk, cost effective means of showing your enthusiasm.




  1. Fire: Bad!

Maybe we're a couple months late on the Frankenstein reference, but if you insist on using powered decorations, please take this succinct advice from the doctor's monster to heart.



While LED lights are extremely unlikely to start a fire on their own, the combined elements of Christmas trees, multiple lines of powered items, and other common Christmas decoration and accoutrement can create a perfect storm of flammable danger.



Make sure you seek out advice on handling electric and other items before you start to decorate this year. It could keep your holiday from going up in smoke!

  • Don’t be too electrified by your own design.


Fire isn't the only hazard to look out for during the month of December. Aside from a bruised ego resulting from not having the best decorations on the block, one of the most serious injuries that can occur during this time of the year is electrocution.



First off, you've got to make sure you recognize the difference between indoor and outdoor lights. Additionally, make sure that the lights you use are tested, certified, and that you've taken all necessary precautions before you begin getting set up. Is everything turned off that should be? Are all electrical lines clear and unhindered?



Making sure that your work area is dry and that every potential unanticipated variable is accounted for is crucial. You don't want yours to be the story of a home decorator who zapped him or herself out of 2016!



If you're really worried about any of these health concerns, remember that you can go powerless or hire a professional to do your lights for you!




As mentioned before, we just want to see all of our friends, family, and neighbors able to celebrate the holiday and show off their decorating skills without worrying about their own health and safety. At the end of the day, that's why we provide the best residential and commercialpainting services! Let us climb the ladder for you so you don't need to take the risk!



Contact us for a hassle-free quote to find out how to get your next painting project done!


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