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What to do with Winter: Indoor Ideas

Brent Lunde - Tuesday, February 07, 2017

For some, winter can be an agonizingly slow time of year. Time usually spent redecorating or improving on the efficiency of a household is suddenly measured in minutes, rather than weeks, as those with the DIY mindset are stuck indoors with a limited palette to create their home-development masterpieces.


You may not be able to spend the same kind of time in the garden as you willbe in a few months, and you probably aren’t getting out on the roof to clean the gutters anytime soon. For homeowners as well as managers of commercial properties, this time of year can feel like a waiting game. You’re just waiting through the winter to see how much damage slowly spread throughout the home while you weren’t doing due diligence.


However, all is not lost! Fortunately, being indoors certainly doesn’t mean there’s nothing to do. In fact, if you really start getting deep into the corners, nooks, and crannies, you’ll probably discover all kinds of projects your home or property is just begging you to take on.


Here are some maintenance items you should put on your docket for the remainder of the winter season:

Find air leaks:


This is a big one, and it’s much easier to do in winter than in spring or summer. Properties are built with and develop all kinds of less-than-airtight trouble spots, and these can cost a lot of money over time. Never mind the extra cost of heating your home when there are air leaks bringing the overall temperature down, if these areas get overlooked for too long, they can create much more expensive problems than simply sealing up small patches.


A building is meant to be a fortress, protecting those within from the elements outside. Any points of weakness that prevent your home or property from doing just that should be dealt with quickly. Try walking around your home with a lighter, testing the areas you suspect to be leaking air by holding a flame up to them. If there’s a leak, you’ll see the flame dance a telling tale.


Select targeted renovation areas:


This is an easy way to bang out a checklist and formulate a plan for the coming months. Sure, you could sit inside and binge watch Netflix all day during the cold months, or you can set up a little bit of time to do a “style audit” of your home bit by bit.


This just means utilizing the time spent indoors to look over the cabinets, millwork, and other detail areas of your home’s interior, so that you can form a strategy around all your redecorating needs during the coming months or even years. Try taking 10-15minutes a couple times per week to look around your space and consider changes you might want to make. Keep a journal that documents how soon you want to paint the pantry or replace the windows, and you’ll see a timeline come together that makes renovation needs a lot more approachable.


Build a garden:


Wait a second… we are talking about indoor ideas, right? Well, the fact is that these days it’s easier than ever to maintain some kind of indoor botanical experiment. Home hydroponics systems make soilless growing a reality for anyone who wants to take it on, and there is nearly limitless information available on the internet about bringing traditional gardening techniques indoors!


So, with a little determination, drive, and willingness to learn, you could be producing your own fruits, vegetables, and more in no time, right in your own kitchen.


Whether you’ve got a lot to get done this winter, or just a little, there’s always the chance that you’ll run out of time and need some help getting some of these projects done. If you need help with indoor painting jobs like single rooms or small projects, just contact us! Or, let us know if you’d like to lock down some painting services for the upcoming spring or summer seasons.


Stay warm!


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