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Winter is Over But Its Effects On Your House May Not Be

Brent Lunde - Friday, May 05, 2017

We all remember the dramatic effects of the various winter storms that hit our region in late 2016/early 2017 -- gridlocked roads, hours-long commutes, and a couple weeks' worth of school closures.


The storms were among the worst in our region's history, and any relief we felt when we thawed out was quickly replaced with the realization that the rain was coming...and it's been coming alright, for months on end.


At Pro Paint NW, we know full well the weather in the Pacific Northwest can swing from one extreme to the next, and once the sun starts coming out consistently, the 90-degree days aren't far behind with effects of their own on your home. Today let's take a look at what the varying seasons can do to your home's exterior paint.


Winter & Spring


We're all looking forward to the sun finally coming out for more than a few tantalizing hours at a time, because all this wet and icy weather we've endured for the last six months hasn't just been testing your sanity, but also affecting your home's exterior paint.


While your home has been your sanctuary this winter, each day with snow, ice or rain has caused that sanctuary just a little bit more damage. The record-setting snow and ice that battered our area, followed by the unrelenting rain we've had since, can cause your house's paint to blister and peel. Not only is that an eyesore, but it can have a dramatic effect on your home that can cause severe damage down the road.


Your home's paint is the first level of protection from the wood underneath, and blistering or peeling paint can allow moisture to get between the paint and your home. That can create water damage, and exacerbate any existing damage that may already be there.


The words "water damage" make most homeowners wince, as visions of cascading water down their walls and expensive repair bills come to mind.




We're still in the process of waiting for the sun to show up, but when it does, that can create its own set of problems. The summer of 2016 seemed like one 90-degree day after another with hardly a break in between, and it stands to figure a similar pattern will be arriving in the summer of 2017. That's great for getting the kids out in the backyard, but not so great for your home's paint.


That peeling and blistering we mentioned that can happen in the winter? Well, that's an issue in prolonged heat as well.


The sun can also cause your paint to fade or bleach, and that once-vibrant look your home boasted slowly degrades. But beyond the aesthetics, the ultraviolet rays your home is hit with in prolonged heat changes the chemical composition of the paint, and can make all of the problems we discussed above even worse.


Help is Just a Call Away


There is good news in all of this though. At Pro Paint NW, we have a decade of experience painting houses and helping protect them from the area's elements. Not only can a new paint job prevent water and sun damage, but your home will have a fresh, vibrant new look right in time for Spring and Summer.


That paint is your first layer of protection from the elements, and this is a great time to have us in for a look to see how it's held up over the winter, and how it'll stand up in the summer. Contact us today for a consultation on how our team can provide a paint job that won't just look great, but that can withstand everything the area can throw at it.


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