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Fancy A New Living Room Color? Let Spring Inspire You

Brent Lunde - Monday, March 23, 2015

Is your living room feeling a bit drab lately? Are you looking out the window daydreaming of a new color that the sunlight will cause to sparkle? Do you fantasize about holding book club in your newly painted, gorgeously designed living room, glowing with pride? Well then we've got some great paint ideas for you, and we're looking to spring as the inspiration!


Check out these 11 Spring-inspired designs from You'll find a few of the following colors on the list, and we'll tell you why they're perfect for your Pacific Northwest home.


Sky Blue

There's nothing quite like a perfect day at the coast when the clouds are few and the blue sky is vast. Light blue is the perfect color for a calm, soothing room, and can be paired with all sorts of other colors in furniture, patterns and accessories. In other words, it's versatile!


Blushing Pink

There's no better pairing than shades of brown and blushing shades of pink. It's decadent, modern and chic all at once. Hues of peach are also great for a splash of femininity!


Grass Green

It's the time of green grass in the Pacific NW as the spring rains begin to fall. Why not add a pop to your living room with a color as vibrant as green? Balance it with white or beige trim and you'll have a room as pretty as an Easter basket!


Mint Green

Love the green, but wanting something a little more subtle? Go for shades of mint or even sage for a cool, calming space.


Golden Sand

We may not have tropical beaches in Washington, but we sure have our share of golden brown sand. This color will warm up your living room and pop in the sunshine. Pair it with rich brown leather or bohemian patters, and pretty soon, everyone will want to come over for tea!


Some other helpful tips for choosing a color are to imagine the way you want to feel when you're in a room. Do you want the space to be invigorating? Soothing? Meditative? Flirty? Fun? Then from there, start to imagine the furnishings you'd have in the room. What color are the curtains? The rug? How about the coffee table – is it glass or wood? When you start to paint a picture in your mind, the color you'd like to paint the walls with will come intuitively.


As for inspiration, look no further than the lovely spring we're embarking on our corner of the United States. We're lucky to have a huge array of trees, flowers and plants in our state, along with the Columbia River Gorge full of wildlife. Nature is a wonderful motivator for design. Take a walk this week and notice all the colors around you. What stands out? What draws you in? Do you prefer the rosemary or the pine cones? The yellow daffodils or the maybe even the gray sky before it rains?


Lastly, don't be afraid to take a risk with color! You can always paint over it, after all. But more importantly, trying something new does wonders for the soul! It's the perfect time to satisfy your whimsy and get to decorating!


Contact us for all your painting needs. We make great advisers, design conspirators, painters, and professionals, and we'd love to be your partner in taking that leap to redecorate your home!

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