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How to Get Paint out of Your Carpet

Brent Lunde - Wednesday, May 13, 2015

If you're a do-it-yourself project go-getter, then you will likely paint something in your home at some point. Since paint has a way of getting everywhere, we figured a post on getting your carpet clean after a painting mishap might be of help.


There are actually several good methods to remove paint from carpet. If you just spilled a few small drops, a simple solution is to use scissors or a razor to remove the strand of carpet with the droplet on it once it has dried. It's important not to try and remove the paint while it's still wet, because you "risk staining the adjacent strands and causing extra unnecessary work."


Here are some other tried and true methods from


Wet Latex Paint

If you notice you've spilled while the paint drops are still wet, grab a paper towel or rag to try and absorb the paint. Careful not to scrub the spot, as it will only spread the paint to a larger area. Once you have soaked up as much wet paint as you think you can get out, drench the spot with water and suck up the water with a wet vacuum. Do this several times to lift the paint up out of the carpet. Once it is much lighter in shade, use a scrub brush with a little laundry detergent and water to get the remaining color out.


Dry Latex Paint

Oops – you didn't see the paint spill before it dried. Don't panic. First try scraping the dried paint with a knife, then proceed with the steps listed above for wet paint. If you're struggling to get the paint out, paint thinner is an option, as is hydrogen peroxide. But be warned that there is a possibility these substances will change the color of your carpet – whether or not that risk is greater than leaving a blob of paint on the carpet is up to you.


Wet oil-based paint

First things first, grab a rag to absorb as much wet paint as possible. Next use mineral spirits, acetone or lacquer thinner on a clean rag to get the paint out. Please note that these chemicals might also further alter the color of your carpet, so use sparingly.


Dry oil-based paint

This stuff is particularly stubborn once it has dried, and most chemicals out there for carpet cleaning won't remove it. We recommend hiring a professional cleaner to use a hot steam water treatment. It will likely take several rounds of hot steam to lift the stain, so be prepared for an investment of your own time or the dollars to have someone else do it.


If all else fails, you could always just get an area rug to cover the stain. Just kidding! Why not avoid the hassle altogether and call a professional paint crew with years of experience to handle your paint job for you? We're not only master painters, but clean fanatics. We meticulously cover carpet, furniture and any exposed surfaces before we even open a can of paint in your home. 


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