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Time to Clean the Gutters

Brent Lunde - Monday, December 22, 2014

We're months into the rainy season now, and the last of the trees' leaves are falling onto the ground, and of course, into your gutters. That means it's time to clean your gutters once again before we head into the new year. 


Why now? Because here's what could happen if you neglect to unclog them:


  • Water leaking onto your siding can cause it to rot and potentially result thousands of dollars in repairs
  • Repeated water stream can degrade paint
  • Water can erode landscaping
  • Overflowing water can cause roof leaks
  • Provide entry points for rodents due to rotted siding


When it comes to gutters, don't wait to clean them! As a painting company, we see the damage done from overflowing gutters firsthand. It is often expensive to repair, and can trip a whole series of further problems on the exterior of your home. Be proactive, keep the water flowing as it should, and protect your house from damage!


Experts say that twice a year is sufficient for cleaning gutters, although it might be of benefit to do it more often, especially since we're surrounded by trees here in the Pacific Northwest!


"Depending on how many trees you have, you may need to clear gutters and downspouts as often as every three months. If you have few trees or your gutters are covered by a screen or other guard-type product, they may need to be cleaned only once a year or every few years." [source:]

Are you planning to hire a professional? If so, here's what to look for in a trustworthy gutter cleaner:

"A professional gutter cleaning should include removal of all leaves and other material from the roof, gutters and downspouts, as well as a check of overall gutter condition and repair of any loose gutter spikes. In addition, the person who does the work should leave your yard clear of debris." [source:]

Most services range from $75 - $200, but when you compare that to the much higher cost of replacing rotten siding, it's well worth the investment! Happy cleaning!

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